Wednesday, August 13, 2008


That what is on the photo was trivial to me, so I had thought that it doesn't need to have a description but my visitors proved me that I have mistaken, so here is the explanation. These little crosses are actually related to something from the sky but they have nothing to do with any religion. They are against the snow and if I know correctly they are called snow guard in English. In end of winter when the accumulated snow/ice on the roof begin to melt, these snow guards prevent the frozen ice plates to slide off in one big piece. They are holding them until the complete melting, or at least, break them into smaller, less dangerous pieces.


Kris said...

Forgive me if it is a dumb question, but what are the little crosses for? Is it a church?

Julie said...

My question too, Kris. I was intruiged when I saw the image on the portal as I could not work out what I was looking at. That always gets my interest. Now I would like to know why the Crosses: and are they in a pattern for a reason.

Would you be able to tell us, please?

Julie said...

Thank you so much for that explanation. I do very much appreciate it. We do not have any use for such as these down here in Australia!

Thank you.

Kris said...

That makes sense! Thanks for explaining.